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Transportation Maintenance

Transportation Maintenance

Report an Issue or Request Service

To report an urgent safety issue, call Transportation Maintenance at 303-441-3200 from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. At any other time, call Boulder Police dispatch at 303-441-3333.

If there is no immediate threat to public safety, select an issue from the list of "Service Requests" links to the right.

City of Boulder Transportation Maintenance Services

  • Capital Street Pavement Maintenance - Major maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation.
  • Concrete Maintenance - Repairing catch basins, gutters and curbs.
  • Median Maintenance - Mowing and repairing trees, shrubs, and irrigation systems on medians.
  • Minor Street Pavement Maintenance - Minor patching and pothole repairs.
  • Path Maintenance - Inspecting, sweeping,maintaining, and removing snow/ice from multi-use paths.
  • Sidewalk Maintenance - Repairing sidewalks and pedestrian curb access ramps.
  • Snow and Ice Removal - Clearing primary and secondary streets, on-street bike lanes, and paths.
  • Street Cleaning - Sweeping, cleaning, and spraying streets/gutters to remove dirt and debris.
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance - Installing, maintaining, operating, and timing traffic signals.


Private property owners are responsible for removing, trimming, or cutting vegetation on their property that:

  • overhangs a sidewalk, right of way, multi-use path, or meter pit; or
  • creates a public safety hazard, obstruction, or sight problem.