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Transportation Network Plans (TNPs)

The TMP contains individual modal system plans that detail how each mode will contribute to the mix of transportation options available to the community. The concept of multimodal corridors is that all modes are integrated and coordinated. Transportation Network Plans (TNPs) are a more detailed planning approach that has advanced this multimodal integration at a finer grain level. TNPs define goals and facilities for all transportation modes in a specific area. These plans are intended to be flexible while helping land owners, developers and the city develop the infrastructure needed to improve safety and mobility for people using a variety of travel options in that area.

The first TNP was generated through the North Boulder Subcommunity Plan in the early 1990's. More recently, the City Council has adopted the North 28th Street TNP, the Boulder Valley Regional Center (BVRC) Connections Plan and the Gunbarrel Community Center Plan. Another TNP process was carried out for the East Arapahoe area, but was not adopted by council. TNPs are developed with their own independent review and approval processes with ultimate adoption by the City Council. As TNPs are adopted by the City Council, they become a part of the Transportation Master Plan's long-term, multimodal system plan.

The most recent plans establishing a finer grain transportation network for a specific area are the Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP) and the 28th Street Frontage Road TNP. The TVAP planning process began in late 2004 and resulted in a City Council adoption in September of 2007. TVAP is the first integrated area plan by the city with land use, transportation and transportation demand management programs developed together to create a pedestrian oriented place. TVAP contains a 'transportation connections plan' that establishes the transportation improvements expected with development. 

The 28th Street Frontage Road TNP was prepared in 2010 to address connections in the area between 28th and 30th streets, east of the CU main campus. Part of this area was rezoned by the city in 2004 and the TNP is intended to support continued redevelopment in the area.