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Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety

Safe driving during COVID-19

Emptier roads due to COVID-19 make it easier to speed. To remind drivers to slow down, the city is deploying speed trailers this week at the following locations with significant bicyclist and pedestrian activity as well as connections to services and open space: 

  1. 30th Street, between Colorado Avenue and Arapahoe Avenue  
  1. Folsom Street, between Spruce Street and Mapleton Avenue 
  1. Baseline Road, between 37th Street and Meadowbrook Drive 
  1. Baseline Road, between Lincoln Place and 10th Street (across entrance to Chautauqua Park) 

Help us keep our streets safe – and reduce burdens on our hospitals – by following speed limits and driving cautiously. Drive safely when going out for essential services and be aware of more people walking and biking on the roads. Thank you for helping keep our community safe!  

Safe transportation is a priority for the City of Boulder, and the city strives to keep its streets, sidewalks and paths safe for all forms of transportation. Click each header below to learn more about the city's transportation safety programs and projects. 

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is the Boulder community's goal to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries to zero. At its core, this goal is inspired by the belief that traffic collisions are preventable, and even one fatality is too many. Learn more about the city's efforts to make safer streets and what you can do to help us reach our goal.

Safe Streets Boulder

The  2019 Safe Streets Report pdf provides an overview of the city’s transportation safety efforts.

The report also provides the framework for the city's Vision Zero initiative, which aims to eliminate all fatalities and serious injuries resulting from traffic collisions. 

Learn more about the Safe Streets Report

Neighborhood Speed Management Program (NSMP)

The purpose of the NSMP is to slow speeding traffic on residential streets. The program includes educational tools like yard signs, speed trailers, and radar gun rental; enforcement activities; and engineering treatments such as speed humps, traffic circles, and other traffic-calming devices.

Visit the NSMP webpage to learn more about the program, including how to register. You can also contact Transportation Planner Ryan Noles at 720-564-2396 or [email protected] .

Speeding and Traffic Safety

To request police enforcement of a speeding problem on a major road, please contact the Traffic Unit of the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.

If you are concerned about speeding in a residential area, please review the Neighborhood Speed Management Program (NSMP) or contact Transportation Planner Ryan Noles at 720-564-2396 or  [email protected] .

If you are concerned about a safety issue other than speeding, please contact Transportation Operations Engineer Mike Sweeney at 303-441-3162 or  [email protected] .

Close Call Form

Have you had a close call with a bicycle, pedestrian or motorist? Tell us about it by submitting a close call form on Inquire Boulder. 

Pedestrian Crossing Treatments

One of the goals of the city's Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is to supports walking as a primary mode of travel, as it supports all other modes. To achieve this goal, the city implements to help improve the safety of crosswalks.

The city is also running the Heads Up Boulder crosswalk safety campaign with education and enforcement weeks in July, August and September 2018. 

Photo Radar and Red Lights

The city has installed photo radar and photo red lights in some high-traffic neighborhoods and intersections to help enforce safe driving behaviors.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School program aims to address barriers that prevent students from walking and biking to school. The program is supported by federal funding distributed by the Colorado Department of Transportation. 

Snow and Ice Control

The city has a number of programs in place to support safe travel during a snow or ice event, such as snow removal and plowing and severe weather shelters. Learn more about these initiatives as well as tips for safe travel during snowstorms on the Snow and Ice Control webpage. 

Traffic Signals

The City of Boulder's traffic system is designed to be as efficient as possible while providing safe travel for all transportation options. Learn more about the system on the Traffic Signals webpage.