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Backflow Prevention Codes and Regulations

Backflow Prevention Codes and Regulations

Codes and Regulations

The Backflow Prevention Program helps to ensure the safety of residents and provide customers the best drinking water possible. Boulder Revised Code requires backflow prevention but it is also a State of Colorado regulation. Regulation 11 - Section 11.39 pdf of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations pdf requires backflow prevention assemblies be installed after the water meter and prior to any plumbing branches.

This is called the "point of containment" or simply "containment." At this time, these requirements are primarily applied to commercial and multifamily properties. Residential customers are excluded for the most part. However, residential customers with hazards like auxiliary water (such as well water) may be required to install a backflow prevention assembly. pdf City staff may need to survey properties to determine whether cross-connections are present, what the degree of hazard is or if approved assemblies are installed in proper locations.

There is no "grandfather" clause in code or regulation. Retrofits as well as new construction are required to comply. Retrofitting backflow prevention assemblies on fire suppression systems may affect hydraulics and require a redesign of the fire suppression system.


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