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Backflow Prevention Homeowners

Backflow Prevention Homeowners

While a standard home may not pose a significant risk to the community's water quality, homeowners can still contaminate their own internal water systems.

Note: for the purposes of the Backflow Prevention Program, the terms 'residential' and 'single family home' are used interchangeably.

Residential Compliance

At this time, residential customers/homeowners do not have to comply with the Backflow Prevention Program requirements unless:

  • There is an auxiliary water source on the property;
  • There is a dedicated irrigation line tapped off of the main; or
  • There is another hazard as identified by the Backflow Prevention Program (including the existence of a well on the property).

The Backflow Prevention Program requirements are not meant to contradict building, fire or plumbing codes, which may require a residence to have a backflow prevention assembly like those required on residential sprinkler systems. When backflow prevention assemblies are otherwise required, they must be installed, but will not be tracked by the Backflow Prevention Program.


Email Backflow Prevention or call 303-413-7401.