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Dental Amalgam Management

Dental Amalgam Management

The City Manager has adopted a regulation to protect the city's wastewater treatment system and Boulder Creek from excessive amounts of mercury in order to:

  • protect human health, aquatic life and wildlife;
  • comply with the state's limit for clean waterways; and
  • meet the city permit requirements for the quantity of mercury discharged to Boulder Creek.

This rule established requirements for controlling the discharge and recycling of amalgam wastewater from dental practices. The purpose is to reduce mercury in wastewater by preventing its release from the source through proper handling and the use of filters and separators in dental practices.

Copies are available at Central Records in the Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, 2nd floor.

The adopted rules require dental offices that place or remove amalgam, or remove teeth containing mercury, to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) and install an amalgam separator.


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