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Flood Mitigation

Flood Mitigation

Funding for specific flood mapping and mitigation projects has already been budgeted and appropriated as part of the city's six-year Capital Improvement Program. Staff is working on the planned projects listed below, but at a slower pace due to the increased workload associated with flood recovery.

Potential Flood Mapping and Mitigation Projects

Since September 2013, the city has been collecting flood damage information from the community, site visits, surveys and FEMA data. Staff will evaluate and prioritize potential projects based on feedback from the community, City Council, Water Resources Advisory Board, and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. New flood mapping and mitigation work, including property acquisition, is unlikely to be initiated until after future projects are prioritized, most likely as part of the 2015 budget process.

The City of Boulder is integrating its long-term resilience planning with flood mitigation planning efforts. Staff will continue to work with the community to plan for future challenges and potentially reprioritize infrastructure investments and resources.

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