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Greenways Program

Greenways Program

The Greenways Program provides recreation and transportation opportunities along Boulder Creek, its 14 major tributaries and Boulder Slough:

  • Fourmile Canyon Creek;
  • Twomile Canyon Creek;
  • Elmer’s Twomile Creek;
  • Wonderland Creek;
  • Goose Creek;
  • Sunshine Creek;
  • Gregory Canyon Creek;
  • Skunk Creek;
  • Dry Creek No. 2;
  • South Boulder Creek;
  • Bluebell Canyon Creek;
  • King’s Gulch;
  • Bear Canyon Creek; and
  • Viele Channel.

The Greenways Program is guided by six program objectives:

  • environmental protection;
  • wetland habitat restoration;
  • water quality enhancements;
  • preservation of cultural resources;
  • flood mitigation; and
  • storm drainage improvements.
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