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Mobile Home Park Water Metering

Mobile Home Parks

This page aims to identify the roles of mobile home park residents, owners and the city Utility Department to provide clarity on what the city provides to water utility customers and ways they can seek assistance.

General Information

Which mobile home parks are served by City of Boulder drinking water?

The following parks are within the city of Boulder limits and receive their drinking water from the city:

  • Boulder Meadows
  • Mapleton
  • Vista Village
  • Orchard Grove

The following parks are located outside of city limits but receive their drinking water from the city through special agreements:

  • Ponderosa
  • Columbine

Parks not listed are outside of the city and have their own water sources which are regulated by the Boulder County Public Health Department and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment

How is water delivered from the city water main to individual homes?

Each park has one or more water service lines that connect to an adjacent city water main. The piping that delivers water from the property line to individual homes is privately owned and maintained by the park owner. This configuration is similar to apartment buildings where the city provides service to the buildings and the building owner is responsible for the plumbing that distributes water to individual units. 

How are mobile home park owners billed for water?

The City of Boulder classifies mobile home parks as multifamily residences and bills mobile home park owners monthly. Each park receives a water budget based on indoor and outdoor allocations, such as the number of homes served and the amount of landscaped area. The indoor allocation for each residential dwelling unit is set at 4,000 gallons per month. This allocation is adjusted seasonally to account for varying monthly water requirements. Most city water customers have higher water bills during the summer when they are watering lawns and gardens. Utility accounts are charged a higher rate for water when they exceed their water budget.

How are individual park residents billed for water use?

Park owners are responsible for determining how to charge park residents for utilities. Residents are encouraged to refer to their lease for information about utility related charges. The city does not provide metering for individual mobile homes or provide individual bills.

Can park residents review the city utility bill for their park?

Utility bill information is confidential and can only be shared with the account holder. Residents should contact their park owner with any questions about utility bills.  

Why isn't my water bill the same each month?

Mobile home park owners are responsible for determining how to recover water related costs from tenants through lease terms. The bill the park owner receives from the city will change monthly based on use.

How can I reduce my monthly water bill?

Park residents are encouraged to review their lease or contact their park owner to determine how they are billed for drinking water. If you live in a park where each unit has a water meter read by the owner, you may be able to reduce your bill through more efficient use in your unit.  Information about the city's water conservation program and available services is available on the city's Water Conservation website. In parks where the owner apportions costs through other methodologies, residents may be able to work with park owners to improve efficiency of overall water use in the park to reduce costs.

Who can residents contact about water quality questions?

Residents of parks that are served by City of Boulder water can obtain water quality information at the city's Drinking Water Quality website, sending an email to [email protected]  or calling 303-413-7350. Mobile home parks served by providers other than the city Utilities Department can obtain water quality information through Boulder County Health Water Quality and/or Colorado Department of Health Water Quality.

How do I report a water leak in a mobile home park?

Mobile home park owners are responsible for repairing any leaks that occur between the city water meter and the individual homes. Homeowners of a mobile home are responsible for finding and repairing leaks within their home. Tips on how to find and fix a leak can be found at the city's Finding and Fixing Links webpage. 

Leaks between the city water meter and outside of individual homes should be reported to the management of the park. If the park owner fails to repair a leak in a timely manner, they may be in violation of city ordinances. Leaks that are not addressed by the park owner in a timely manner should be reported to the city. To report a leak, please call 303-413-7100 or after hours call 303-441-3249.

For all other urgent water issues please 303-441-3200 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday or after hours, weekends and holidays please call 303-441-3245. Please ALWAYS call the listed phone numbers to report a leak and do not report via Inquire Boulder. This system is not designed to manage urgent and emergency service requests and is NOT monitored 24-7. The city will need specific information about the location of the problem and any associated evidence so that it can be quickly investigated.

Contact [email protected]  or call 303-441-3260 for questions about billing.