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Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

About the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Image of Boulder Reservoir

The Boulder Reservoir, located northeast of Boulder, was built by and is owned by the city, but is operated by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (Northern). Most of the water in Boulder Reservoir comes from the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap Projects, which are operated by Northern. You can learn more about Northern by visiting Water in Boulder Reservoir that is used for municipal purposes is first treated at the Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Plant, before entering the city's water distribution system.

Recent Administrative Updates

Inclusion in the Northern districts is a requirement for City of Boulder water service and is based on water supply agreements between the city and Northern. The vast majority of properties in the city are included in the Northern district at the time they annex into the city.

Recently, the city and Northern discovered that a number of properties were receiving city water service, but were not included in the applicable district. Boulder is one of several municipalities affected by this administrative issue, and the city plans to petition Northern to include affected properties within the service boundaries of the district and its Municipal Subdistrict. No action is required on the part of property owners to complete this process. The administrative correction will result in affected properties being formally subject to a property tax mill levy assessed by Northern.

On April 4, 2017, the City Council approved several ordinances that allow the completion of an administrative process to correct the issue. City staff will work with Northern to update official records. You can review related City Council memos to learn more: 

Questions? Contact Joe Taddeucci, water resources manager, at 303-441-3266 or [email protected] .