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Norwood Ave. Waterline Replacement Project

Project Scope

The City of Boulder will be replacing the existing waterline along Norwood and surrounding streets as part of the annual waterline replacement program. (Waterlines will be replaced along the orange streets identified in the image below. Click on image to view larger.)

Project Impacts

Thank you to those who were able to attend the public open house on the Norwood project on Dec. 12th. At the open house, participants learned about the upcoming impacts to the neighborhood for the waterline replacement project. Because the waterline replacement will require the removal of trees along Norwood, city staff asked participants how they would like to remediate the loss of trees by voting whether an alternative placement of the sidewalk would be preferred. The current sidewalk along Norwood is detached (meaning it is separated from the street curb by landscaping). The purpose of a detached sidewalk is to allow for a buffer between sidewalk users with traffic on the roadway. The new waterline's placement creates an opportunity to either keep the sidewalk as it is currently, detached, or move it adjacent to the roadway. The option of keeping the sidewalk detached will result in the inability to replant trees due to the lack of physical space, whereas moving the sidewalk adjacent to the roadway will allow for the replanting of trees. Please select which option you prefer for the location of the sidewalk in the form below. Polling will be open through Jan. 31.

Below is the story board which was shared at the open house.

click on photo to view larger
  Norwood Ave. Story Board


At the December open house, city forestry staff was on hand to answer questions related to the proposed trees to be replanted throughout the project area. The city is proposing to plant trees which grow more upright rather than outward, thus reducing the the concerns with limited sight distance for traffic trying to turn onto Norwood. Below are some examples of proposed trees for the project. 

Hedge Maple                                                  Kentucky Coffee Tree

Hackberry                                                       Japanese Tree Lilac


Construction of the new waterline is scheduled to begin around April 1, 2020. The project is anticipated to last for three-four months with rolling impacts. Each area will likely take between 2-3 weeks to complete.