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Pollutants of Concern in Wastewater Discharges

Pollutants of Concern in Wastewater Discharges

The City of Boulder's specific pollutant limitations are listed in Boulder Revised Code, Title 11, Chapter 3, Section 5.

These limits are designed to control pollutant discharges including:

  • metals that are stable in the environment and difficult to remove through conventional wastewater treatment which can be found in household products
  • flammable liquids that can create fire or explosion hazards in the wastewater collection system
  • corrosives that can cause structural damage to sewer lines
  • pollutants that may cause the formation of toxic gases, vapors or fumes in wastewater collection lines
  • oils and greases at levels that may obstruct wastewater flow
  • oxygen-demanding pollutants that may impact treatment operation