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Water Conservation Program Services

Water Conservation Program Services

Lose the Rebate Form! Save Water. Save Trees.

Why waste paper and time with rebate forms? We've changed our process to offer quick and easy services that help save water and eliminate paper waste. Sign up today!

The following programs are funded by the Water Conservation Program which partners with Resource Central. All of the programs, discounts and rebates listed here are limited in quantity and may be limited to one per property, first come, first serve basis. Visit the RC main webpage at or call the 303-999-3820 to learn more.

Free Irrigation Consultations

Free irrigation system inspections are available free of charge to City of Boulder residents and businesses. Find out if your system is wasting water and costing you money! Trained Water Conservation specialists will measure your sprinkler output, inspect how deep the root zones are, troubleshoot your system and even provide a new irrigation schedule specific to your yard. The average home can save about 5,000 gallons per year! Register today and get your irrigation system back on track. Visit for more info. 

Free Landscape Seminars

Whether you are a budding gardener or a seasoned pro, jumpstart your garden by learning about Xeriscape and other sustainable landscape practices. Water-Wise Landscape Seminars are expert-led, free and open to the public. For the most up to date schedule, visit

Water-Wise Garden Kits

More than just pretty flowers, Garden In A Box provides a significant water conservation tool in the form of a plant by number garden kit. Affordably priced, these professionally designed gardens improve the beauty and
water efficiency of any landscape, especially when used to replace turf. Great for sun or shade! Visit for more info. 

New Turf Replacement Pilot Program!

Receive a free water-wise garden kit when you transform your lawn into a beautiful, eco-friendly, perennial garden! Eligible and approved homeowners that remove 200 sq. ft. or more of turf-grass will receive a FREE Garden In A Box garden kit. This kit includes: one 200 sq. ft. Garden In A Box and one spray to drip irrigation conversion kit. Visit for more info.