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Utility Rates Explained

Occasional utility rate increases are necessary to cover rising operating costs and construction costs associated with replacing or upgrading aging utilities infrastructure. In addition, new regional, state and federal regulatory requirements for upgraded treatment processes also increase utility costs. To learn more review this English and Spanish rate change document. pdf

Utility revenue increases are considered by City Council in October of each year as part of the citywide budget process. Rates are set so that sufficient revenues are generated to support operations, maintenance and improvements for each of the city utilities.

How to read your bill pdf

Monthly Water User Charges

The rate structure is based on "water budgets", or the amount of water that you are expected to use during a specific month. Each customer's water budget will be different based on their unique water needs, as well as their past usage levels. To learn more about how these are determined, or to request an adjustment, please see Water Budget Adjustments.

Quantity Charges/1,000 Gallons (apply to all customers)

Blocks Block Rates Block Size
(percent of monthly water budget)
Block 1 $3.94 0% - 60%
Block 2 $5.26 61% - 100%
Block 3 $10.52 101% - 150%
Block 4 $15.78 151% - 200%
Block 5 $26.30 Greater than 200%

Service Charges

Meter Size Inside City Outside City
3/4" $15.06 $22.58
1" $25.36 $38.04
1 1/2" $54.58 $81.87
2" $95.60 $143.40
3" $212.67 $319.01
4" $376.57 $564.86
6" $845.04 $1,267.55
8" $1,499.86 $2,249.79

The city uses an increasing block-rate structure. As the amount of water use increases and moves into the next block, the cost per thousand gallons increases.

Metered Hydrant Rate = $8 per 1000 gallons per month

Hydrant Meter Service Charge = $154.56 per month inside city / $231.80 outside city

Miscellaneous Charges

Description for Fees Miscellaneous Charges Fee
Disconnect Fee To terminate water service $39.00
Final Notice Fee To mail water service termination notice $15.00
Meter Removal Fee To remove water meter $81.00
Meter Reset Fee To reset water meter $67.00
Reconnect Fee To resume water service $41.00
After Hours Reconnect Fee To resume water service after 3 p.m., on weekends or on holidays $87.00
Special Read Fee

Special meter reads and final bill meter reads

Meter Test Fee To test meter (if meter is inaccurate, fee will be refunded) $50.00

Monthly Wastewater User Charges

Quantity Charges / 1,000 Gallons

  Inside City Outside City
$6.62 $9.92

Service Charges

Meter Size Inside City Outside City
3/4" $12.86 $19.29
1" $22.54 $33.82
1 1/2" $51.44 $77.16
2" $90.68 $136.02
3" $203.82 $305.72
4" $362.72 $544.08
6" $816.11 $1,224.17
8" $1,450.88 $2,176.32

Average Winter Consumption (AWC)

The wastewater quantity charges for residential customers are billed using actual water use or Average Winter Consumption (AWC), whichever is less. The city averages the water use billed on the December through March utility bills to determine the AWC. Non-residential customers are billed for wastewater quantity charges based on actual use or indoor water budget allocation depending on their selected water budget option.

Monthly Stormwater and Flood Management Fees

Owners of single-family dwellings within the city limits will pay the following monthly stormwater fees (including service charge).

Size of Parcel Fee
Up to 15,000 square feet $19.64
15,000 to 30,000 square feet $23.77
30,000 square feet or more $27.90

The fee for all non-single-family dwellings is individually calculated based on impervious square feet, for a total charge not less than $19.64

Stormwater service charge is $3.15

Impervious Square foot rate is $0.00719 per square foot

Well Water

The city does not charge the customer for well water. Some customers get their water from a well and are sewer only customers, using the city’s wastewater service from the city. If a customer receives a water bill that has charges, then they are receiving city water. Information about individual wells, including certification, can be found on the County Assessor’s website .