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Wastewater Utility Rates

Wastewater Rates Explained

Due to inflation, utility rate increases are necessary to cover rising operating costs for electricity, chemicals, materials and equipment. Utility rate increases also cover the rising construction costs associated with replacing or upgrading aging utilities infrastructure. New regional, state and federal regulatory requirements for upgraded treatment processes also increase utility costs.

Utility revenue increases are considered by City Council in October of each year as part of the citywide budget process. Utility rates are set so that sufficient revenues are generated to support operations, maintenance and improvements for each of the city utilities, which have different calculations of fixed costs. 

How to read your bill pdf

Monthly Wastewater User Charges

Quantity Charges / 1,000 Gallons

  Inside City Outside City
$6.00 $9.00

Service Charges

Meter Size Inside City Outside City
3/4" $11.67 $17.50
1" $20.45 $30.68
1 1/2" $46.66 $69.99
2" $82.25 $123.37
3" $184.87 $277.31
4" $329.00 $493.49
6" $740.24 $1,110.36
8" $1315.99 $1,973.98

Average Winter Consumption (AWC)

The wastewater quantity charges for residential customers are billed using the actual water use or Average Winter Consumption (AWC), whichever is less. AWC is based on the water use billed on the December through March utility bills. The city averages the use shown on these bills to estimate the amount of water used inside your home and entering the sanitary sewer system. Non-residential customers are billed for wastewater quantity charges based on actual use or indoor water budget allocation depending on their selected water budget option.