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Water Meters

Water Meters

Locate Your Water Meter

Water meter pits are typically located in the area between the sidewalk and street (called the right-of-way), or 1.5 feet from the sidewalk. The pits are covered by round metal lids marked with a "Water Meter" imprint.

Water Meter Readings

The City of Boulder collects water meter readings from radio transmitters installed in or near the meter pits. City vehicles equipped with mobile data collection systems receive the signals while driving past the meter pits. Each transmission takes 1/30 of a second, with a typical operating range of 500 feet, depending on broadcast signal and location.

Maintain Access to Your Water Meter

Obstacles that may block the radio signals include building materials, foliage and metal objects located between the street and the meter pit. Therefore, it is very important that customers maintain clear access to their water meters from the public right-of-way.

As part of the city code, all city water customers are responsible for the upkeep of the area between their meter pit and the street. Please assist us by trimming foliage and by clearing snow and ice from the lid of the meter pit. Landscaping or fencing should be kept at least 1-3 feet from the meter pit.

Maintain access to your water meter to assist us with:

  • Emergency shutoffs (for frozen pipes) when you are away from home or are unable to turn off the water yourself; and
  • Emergency water meter maintenance.

If you do not maintain access to your water meter pit, it may delay emergency response times and end up costing you (and the city) more money.