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Watershed Education - Community Page

Watershed Education - Community Page

There are many ways you can pitch in to help keep Boulder's water clean. Get involved and help protect Boulder's water supply.

Storm Drain Marking

Marking storm drains is a fun way to help keep pollutants from entering our storm drains. By stenciling the message, "Dispose No Waste, Drains to Creek," near storm drains in Boulder, you can help create public awareness and enhance the quality of our local water supply.


Involve your group, large or small, in an ongoing community water stewardship project. Become a StreamTeam by committing to take care of a segment of your local creek. With just a few actions each year, you will be on your way to maintaining your local waterway.

Creek Cleanups

Do you have a local creek, lake or pond you would like to help keep clean? We have the equipment you'll need to get started on a successful clean up effort. Call 303-413-7365 and get involved in protecting your local waterway.

Interactive Boulder Creek Trail Guide

Want to learn more about Boulder Creek in a fun way? Call and get a free trail guide and you'll be ready to learn the ins and outs of Boulder Creek. The trail guide includes information on 14 stops from Eben G. Fine Park to the fish observatory located next to the Millennium Harvest House. Activities and scavenger hunts are included in this great resource. Call 303-413-7365 to get your FREE copy today.

Aquarium at the Boulder Public Library and East Boulder Community Center

Check out Colorado native fish when you visit our fresh water aquarium at the Boulder Public Library main branch, 11th Street and Arapahoe Avenue or at the East Boulder Community Center. While you're there, you can also see a model of the Boulder Creek Watershed and learn about how you can help protect our local waters.

Speaker's Program

Where does our water come from, how can we protect and conserve it? Find the answers to these questions and more by inviting a water expert to visit your group meeting. Find out about a variety of available speakers who can provide information on water conservation at your next meeting.

School Programs

Explore the Boulder Creek Watershed through our "GET TO KNOW YOUR H20" Education Program. Bring water to life today with FREE, standards-based fun and fascinating classroom and field activities for grades K-12.