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Watershed Education - Teachers and Students

Watershed Education - Teachers and Students

The Watershed Outreach Program provides a simple, free and fun way to include new lesson plans in your classroom curricula. The water-related activities, programs and resources provided can help you achieve higher academic standards.

Add a splash of science to your students' day. Sign up for FREE, fun, standards-based classroom programs and field activities offered year round through the Keep It Clean Partnership (KICP) Project.

Water Education Programs

Every Drop Counts!
Grades K-3

During this 25-minute program students listen to a story about a frog that drinks all of the fresh water in the world and learns how it affects his animal friends and the environment. Students participate in a discussion about how important water is to all of us and how they can conserve water at home and school. Each student will receive a free H2O Jo and Flo coloring and activity book packed with water wise tips for the whole family.

Water Ranger Program
Grades 4-5

Over the course of two engaging 50-minute classroom sessions and a take-home activity, students investigate the world's water supply, learn where their water comes from, and discover how much water they use at home each day. Using observation, data collection, recording and calculation skills, students participate in a home water audit that helps them estimate their personal daily water use. Together with their families, students identify ways they can conserve water around their house. This program includes student data recording sheets and water conservation kits with a shower timer, shower flow gauge, toilet leak detection tablets and tank displacement bag.

Get To Know Your H2O - Boulder Water: From Source to Tap
Grades 4-5

Watch a short film that tells the Boulder Water story then gather round an interactive model to learn how our water is treated before it comes to our homes to make it safe for us to use and where it goes when it goes down the drain. Learn about drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, water conservation and stormwater collection.

The Thirsty Lizard Project
Grades 6-8

Students learn about water use in America and how to substitute bad water management habits for good ones. At the same time, the materials provide a review of graphing and math-in-science techniques geared to CSAP testing. This program requires three to four classroom periods of instruction, linked to a two-week activity students complete at home. The FREE classroom package for 30 students includes student readers, conversation packets with a shower timer, shower flow gauges and toilet leak tabs, overhead transparencies and a teacher's guide.

Water Pollution/Water Protection (Keep It Clean Partnership)

Community Service

1. Storm Drain Marking - Marking storm drains is a fun way to help keep pollutants from entering our storm drains. By placing a storm drain marker with the message, "Dispose No Waste, Drains to Creek," above storm drains in Boulder, you can help create public awareness about non-point source solution and enhance the quality of our local water supply.

2. StreamTeams - Involve your group, large or small, in an ongoing community water stewardship project. Become a StreamTeam by committing to take care of a segment of your local creek.

3. Creek Clean Ups - Host a creek cleanup! Are you tired of seeing your favorite creek littered with trash? If so, a Creek Cleanup might be just what you're looking for! In just a couple of hours, you can make a huge impact on your local environment. Get everything you need from the City of Boulder/KICP Education Program. All you need to get started is an enthusiastic leader who will help organize and promote the event.

The city will provide:

  • Guidance in the planning of your cleanup

  • A Cleanup Kit
    • trash bags
    • gloves
    • tools
  • Trash collection after your event
  • Fun giveaways to thank volunteers
  • Recognition on the Keep It Clean Partnership Website

By picking up litter in and along creeks, you make a difference in the community by:

  • Improving water quality
  • Preventing storm drains from becoming blocked
  • Protecting animals from ingesting or getting tangled in litter
  • Beautifying Boulder

Make a difference, contact Watershed Education Specialist Kristin Libberton at [email protected] or 303-413-7387.

Operation Water Festival

This annual festival, held at the University of Colorado at Boulder, highlights the importance of water with various fun, interactive and informative activities!

Watershed Resource Guide

Training program for teachers wishing to implement the WatershEd curriculum into their classroom curriculum. This award-winning WatershED curriculum "localizes" water information and includes information on community projects.

Water Resources Library

Children's literature, teacher resource guides, videos, water quality testing kits, aquatic insect study equipment and more are available for check out. To request a bibliography of children's literature on water conservation, contact Watershed Education Specialist Steve Noud at [email protected] or 303-413-7386.

Science Fair Project Support

Are your students looking for ideas and resources regarding the water cycle, pollution, conservation, source water protection and/or water quality? We can share some ideas, connect students with local scientists and assist students as they develop their projects.

Get to Know Your H2O! Teacher Workshop

Join the Keep It Clean Partnership for a two-day teacher workshop where you will learn all about the Boulder Creek/Saint Vrain watersheds. Participate in hands-on activities and receive resources for incorporating water education into your classroom curriculum. Learn where your water comes from, how to measure dissolved oxygen, where to find aquatic insects and more. Water conservation, storm water pollution prevention, and community involvement will also be covered.

Participants who complete the workshop will receive the Project WET resource guide, a collection of innovative, water-related activities that are interdisciplinary, hands-on, easy to use, and FUN to do with your students. (A $40 value FREE!).

Workshop benefits include:

  • CDE License credit available - Call your school district for more information.
  • Graduate credit from Colorado School of Mines is available. One credit will be available to those who attend both days.
  • Lots of fun, outdoor activities, free education resources, and opportunities to network with local water quality professionals and other teachers. 

For more information, select the "Keep It Clean Partnership" link or contact Watershed Education Specialist Steve Noud at [email protected] or 303-413-7386.


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