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Watts in the Water?

Watts in the Water?

Discover the Water-Energy Nexus: Did you know when you turn on a light bulb you are using water and when you wash your hands you are using energy? The Water Conservation Program teamed up with the Climate + Sustainability Division to provide tips for saving water, energy and money!

Program Sponsors

The City of Boulder Water Conservation Program was founded in 1992. The primary goal of the program is to work with residents and businesses to conserve water, both indoors and out. To achieve this, the Water Conservation Program offers a number of different services, from landscape consultations to rebates, to help manage water use in and around the city. The efficient use of water not only decreases water bills, but also helps support a sustainable community.

EnergySmart is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) through the Department of Energy's Better Buildings grant program and is sponsored in partnership with Boulder County, the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont and Xcel Energy.


Watts In The Water?

Watts In The Water? Helpful Tips

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