About the Assessments

The City of Boulder and Boulder County are partnering to offer wind damage repair, and energy and water efficiency assessments to manufactured homeowners whose homes were damaged by high winds on Dec. 30, 2021.

These assessments will:

1. Estimate repair costs.

2. Identify opportunities to increase energy and water efficiency, and save homeowners money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about these free assessments.

Last December, 450 manufactured homeowners in the Boulder area reported damage to their homes caused by high winds. While some may have fully repaired their homes, other households continue to need assistance. To this end, the city and county are partnering to offer free wind damage, and energy and water efficiency assessments to help homeowners recover even stronger.

Wind damage home repair assessments estimate the cost and materials needed and identify any permits required to repair damages. This information can help you access support to recover from wind damage. Depending on the damage to your home and availability of materials, the city and county may be able to assist with the cost to repair.

During the energy and water efficiency assessment, a contractor will look at your home’s electrical panel, furnace, swamp cooler, interior and exterior lighting, sealing and insulation, appliances and cooktop ventilation, windows, faucets, toilets and more. Depending on the current efficiency of your home, these energy and water efficiency assessments will give you access to low- and no-cost resources that can help you save money, reduce your energy and water use, and increase air quality inside your home.

Your participation also helps us develop future programs tailored to manufactured home owners.

Your home must be on Boulder County’s wind-damaged manufactured home list to qualify for an assessment. This list was finalized on May 15, 2022.

Assessments will be performed by two general contractors selected by the City of Boulder through a competitive bid process. Both general contractors have extensive experience working on manufactured homes.

The first assessments are expected to happen in early September.


If you need assistance to complete your repair, you can contact EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) at 303-442-3042.

Households over age 60 and living in Boulder Meadows, Mapleton, Orchard Grove, Ponderosa and Vista Village can contact Older Adult Services at 303-441-4388.

You can complete a self-certification form to indicate interest in wind damage and efficiency assessments; however, households that sign up for assessments but are not on the wind damage list will only receive an assessment if capacity allows.

The work will happen in phases. In this first phase, homeowners complete a self-certification form and contractors perform assessments. As assessment results become available, the city will begin purchasing materials.

In the second phase, program staff will connect homeowners with skilled voluntary organizations and/or contractors. The goal of our program is to address the most severe wind damage before winter to prevent further degradation of homes.

Efficiency results will be used to provide homeowners with low and no cost resources that can help folks save money, reduce energy and water use, and improve indoor air quality.

No. A grant award will be used to pay a construction contractor to complete the repairs.

Learn more about the city's Wind Damage Repair Grant Program and fill out a grant application.

Your participation helps our community.

Your participation helps us develop programs that can aid other families living in manufactured homes. Thank you!

Additional Questions? Reach out to city or county staff.

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