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Boulder Businesses

Looking for resources to help with compliance? Check out our Resources page.

The Vision

By 2025, the average Boulder business recycles and composts 85% of its waste.


Why Zero Waste?

You play a key role in Boulder’s zero waste future. 

In making sustainable resource and disposal choices, your business can cut costs on supplies and raw materials, enhance overall efficiency, lessen your impact on the environment, and convert waste into a valuable product.

what are the requirements?

Boulder’s new Universal Zero Waste Ordinance requires your business to recycle and compost, provide zero waste signage and educate employees on what items go where.


And we're here to help you do it.

See the Universal Zero Waste Ordinance

Take Action

How to move Boulder closer to a zero waste future.


Get Service

If you contract for trash services, contact a local waste hauler to sign up for recycling and compost-collection service. If trash service is provided by your property manager, let him or her know about Boulder’s new requirements, which include recycling and compost service. Check out our resources page for more information on some limited time incentives and rebates to help you get started!


Set Up Bins

Strategically place recycling and compost containers (next to every trash container) to collect materials. Rebates are available for a limited time if you need to expand your collection bins.


Hang Signs

Obtain free signage from the city or your waste hauler to clearly identify each container and what goes in it; free custom signs are also available.


Train Employees

Train employees on what materials go in each container and janitorial staff on where to empty each container. Videos can be used to help train your employees and to get a quick overview of the requirements. They are available in English and Spanish 


Recycle More

Identify hard-to-recycle materials generated in your business (electronics, printer toner, etc.), set up a hard-to-recycle collection with signage, and dispose of materials at the RecycleRow .


Reuse and Purchase Wisely

Consider additional ways to reuse products in your business and update your purchasing policies to buy environmentally preferable products.


Set the Bar

Work with Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) to identify more zero waste opportunities at your business and learn about becoming zero waste certified.

Zero Waste Ordinance

How can you comply with zero waste requirements?

Follow the links below to learn more about zero waste requirements and how to comply.


Universal zero waste ordinance

Recycling and composting at your business.

Learn more

bag fee

10-cent fee for plastic and paper checkout bags at grocery stores.

Learn More

Trash tax

An occupation tax on trash haulers serving customers within the city limits.

Learn more

zero waste resources

Advising, Rebates and Incentives

We’re here to help you. In addition to financial assistance, all businesses in the city of Boulder have access to FREE zero waste technical assistance through the City of Boulder and Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE).

  • Assistance

    Need to comply with zero waste requirements? We've designed a zero waste toolkit and training video to help you get started. You may also contact the City of Boulder to speak with a zero waste advisor and receive personalized assistance on the path to compliance. Email: or call 303-441-1931.


    Ready to take the next step? Through Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) , all businesses in the city of Boulder have access to FREE zero waste technical assistance. PACE will help you achieve your waste reduction goals, connect you with financing tools and incentives, provide personalized guidance and help you gain recognition for your efforts. PACE Business Sustainability Advisors can help you:

    • Measure your business’s zero waste efforts and help you figure out how to do more;

    • Explore sustainable purchasing policies and engage employees in your efforts;

    • Identify opportunities to minimize waste through reuse, recycling and composting programs; and

    • Identify and apply for rebates and incentives.


    Schedule a free advising session today by calling 303-786-7223 or emailing .

    *PACE services are provided to Boulder businesses through the city’s Trash Tax and CAP Tax .

  • Current Rebates and Incentives

    The City of Boulder's Trash Tax provides several financial incentives to help your business comply with requirements and implement a successful zero waste program. Rebate descriptions and forms are below. Contact the city at  303-441-1846  or  with questions or to learn more.

    • If you need to expand or purchase collection bins to comply with new universal zero waste requirements : The city will rebate 50 percent of costs (total rebate up to $500) toward the purchase of interior bins and signage. Rebates are also available to cover the purchase of compostable bin liners for food-related businesses. Submit a expanding service bin rebate application pdf to

    • Property manager rolling grant program : This new program will fund up to 50 percent of the cost of outdoor enclosure expansions needed to accommodate proper containers for landfill, recycling and compost collection. Grant amounts awarded subject to staff discretion. Please contact Jamie Harkins at or 303-441-1846 to learn more.

    *All incentives provided through the city’s Trash Tax and subject to funding availability.

  • Free Recycling and Composting Signs

    Stock Signs

    Clear, visible signs are an important tool to show your employees and customers what materials go where, and achieve your business’s zero waste goals. Click on the links below to download and print as many stock signs as you need. Your business can also order up to three sets of laminated posters and bin labels, and two sets of bathroom composting posters at no charge.


    Email to request signs. Include your contact info, mailing address and the number of signs you would like.  Please also have in mind which type of sign or signs you would like.  All recycling, composting and landfill signs have options of three different levels of detail.  Please view the different versions by clicking on the PDFs below.

    Custom Signs

    Custom signs are made just for you, and show materials used at your business. Contact for instructions on how to submit photographs and get custom signs created for free.

  • What Goes Where?

    Great question! The following resources should help your business to properly dispose of most general waste items. Visit our What Goes Where page for a full list of Boulder’s zero waste facilities, services and helpful tips and tricks.


    A-Z recycling guide – find out what materials can be composted and recycled

  • Training Videos

    The Zero Waste training videos are here to help you comply to the Zero Waste Ordinance step by step. Use them to help train your employees and to get a quick overview of the requirements. They are available in English and Spanish .

  • Contact us

    Questions about Zero Waste? Contact the City at 303-441-1931 or email us at .

Universal Zero Waste

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