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Boulder Property Owners

Looking for resources to help with compliance? Check out our Resources page or view our Guidebook.

The Vision

Boulder apartments and condos recycle and compost 85 percent of their waste.



The Law

Boulder’s Universal Zero Waste Ordinance

Property owners are required to provide recycling and compost collection services and educate tenants on what items go where.

(Learn more about the ordinance and how to comply.)

The Steps

How can you achieve zero waste at your property?


Get Service

Contact a local waste hauler to sign up for recycling and compost collection service in addition to trash service. 


Hang Signs

Obtain signs from the city or your waste hauler to clearly identify each container and what goes in it; custom signs are also available. See the Resources page for details.


Educate Tenants and Employees

Educate your tenants and employees about the services and requirements that apply to them, including separating materials correctly and displaying appropriate signs.  Videos can be used to help train your employees and to get a quick overview of the requirements. They are available in English and Spanish.


Recycle More

Identify hard-to-recycle materials generated in your business (electronics, printer toner, etc.), set up a hard-to-recycle collection with signage, and dispose of materials at the Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM) .


Reuse and Purchase Wisely

Consider additional ways to reuse products in your business and update your purchasing policies to buy environmentally preferable products. Host zero-waste meetings and events.

We’re Here to Help.

We've designed a  step-by-step guidebook, zero waste toolkit and training video to help you get started. 

  • Assistance

    At no cost to you, a city Zero Waste Advisor can help you:

    • Address barriers to adding composting and recycling service at your property;
    • Determine the best place to place zero waste bins;
    • Get standard or custom signs for your property; and
    • Educate tenants and employees on new requirements and zero waste best practices.

    Contact a Zero Waste Advisor today by calling 303-441-1931 or emailing [email protected] .

    *Zero waste advising services are provided to Boulder property owners through the city’s Trash Tax , and are subject to funding availability

  • Free Recycling and Composting Signs

    Stock Signs

    Clear, visible signs are an important tool to show your tenants and customers what materials go where, and achieve your property's zero waste goals. Click on the links below to download and print as many stock signs as you need.

    You can also order up to three sets of laminated posters and bin labels, and two sets of bathroom composting posters at no charge.


    Email [email protected] to request signs. Include your contact info, mailing address and the number and types of signs you would like. Or, click on the PDFs below to print your own.

    Custom Signs

    Custom signs are made just for you, and show materials used at your property. Contact [email protected] for instructions on how to submit photographs and get custom signs created for free.


  • What Goes Where?

    The following resources should help you and your tenants properly dispose of most general waste items. Direct your tenants to our What Goes Where page for a full list of Boulder’s zero waste facilities, services and helpful tips and tricks.

  • Bear Protection Ordinance

    Own property west of Broadway and south of Sumac? All waste carts at your property must be secured from bears. Learn more about the ordinance and how to comply .

  • Training Videos

    The zero waste training videos are here to help you comply to the zero waste Ordinance step by step. Use them to help train your tenants and to get a quick overview of the requirements. They are available in English and Spanish .

  • Contact us

    Questions about zero waste? Contact the city at 303-441-1931 or email us at  [email protected] .

Universal Zero Waste

Training for Property Owners & Managers

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