• RTD Access
  • Playground
  • Shelter
  • Multi-use Field
  • Multi-use Path
  • Nature Play Opportunity
  • Water Access

East Palo Park is a neighborhood park featuring a recently renovated playground, open turf, and paved walking paths.

This includes a permanent, roofed shade structure. The shade structure is in addition to the fabric shade structures at the playground.

Please stay out of the creek corridor.

New Zealand mudsnails, a non-native, invasive species, have been found in the Four Mile Canyon creek corridor. Mudsnails can 'hitchhike' rides on boots, clothing, dogs, and most anything they come into contact with. Please stay out of the creek corridor to avoid the spread of mudsnails, and subsequent threats to our aquatic ecosystems.

More information

- New Zealand Mudsnails - Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Nature Play Opportunities

East Palo Park has a recently renovated playground featuring play structures that emulate a forest environment including animals inside of the playground structure built to look like a tree, tree stumps to hop on, a sandbox and rock climbing structures.