Boulder Police Investigating Unusual Twist on Old Scam

BOULDER, Colo. – Boulder Police detectives have taken several reports recently of scammers pretending to be with banking institutions to trick community members into giving them their login information.

The scammers have successfully stolen more than $100,000 from multiple victims’ bank accounts using the victims’ own logins and passwords. But there’s an even scarier twist this time.

The scammers are also telling people to put all of their debit and credit cards into their mailbox and then the scammers are coming to the victims’ homes and taking them. Based on surveillance video, the suspect(s) and suspects’ vehicles have varied, to also include rental cars. If you recognize or have any information about the suspects pictured below, please contact BPD detectives.

Victims have also reported similar crimes to Denver Police and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office as well as Lone Tree and Parker. Boulder Police detectives have taken five reports so far with victims reporting more than $100,000 stolen from different banks and credit unions.

Detectives would like to remind community members of these safety tips:

  • Do not place your debit/credit cards or any personally identifiable information in your mailbox
  • Hang up on suspicious phone calls from people claiming to be with your banking or financial institution. If you have concerns, call the bank or credit union directly using the number on the back of your cards.
  • Do not forward your phone number if requested to do so by someone claiming to be with your financial institution (this is one of the ways they can bypass security setups)
  • Go to your local bank branch in person if possible if you receive suspicious calls about your debit/credit cards or account
  • Report suspicious calls/possible scams to both the police and your banking institution

Detectives believe there could be additional victims and would like to speak with those individuals. Anyone with any information about these crimes or any surveillance video that could be related is asked to contact Detective Ramos at or 303-441-3323 or Investigation Specialist Graber at or 303-441-4420 reference case 24-01310.

scam suspect photo 4

Scam suspect photo 3
Scam suspect photo 2
Scam Suspect Photo 1