Expansion follows a successful 2021-2022 pilot program west of 28th Street

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BOULDER, Colo. — The City of Boulder, in partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder and Lime, is expanding shared e-scooter usage citywide.

The expansion follows a successful e-scooter pilot program in parts of East Boulder, Gunbarrel and CU Boulder's East Campus. The pilot evaluation, which included community engagement, showed that shared e-scooters help to reduce traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, increase mobility options and serve as first- and final-mile connections to transit. Proposed program changes were broadly supported by Boulder City Council, boards and commissions and stakeholders.

Painting and signage to indicate required parking zones, or Lime Groves, will start as early as this week. By Aug. 31, Lime will triple the current fleet size to 900 total e-scooters to meet projected demand corresponding with the geographic expansion of the program to city limits, approximately three times the pilot program area.

The city is taking steps to encourage safe use of e-scooters, which is a priority for this program. Key safety guidelines include:

  • E-scooters should be ridden in the bike lane or multi-use paths when available.
  • If no bike lane is available, community members can ride e-scooters in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • People on scooters must yield to pedestrians.
  • E-scooters are not allowed on Open Space and Mountain Parks trails, including paved multi-use trails.

Additionally, Lime has implemented tools geared toward safe use of e-scooters, including location-based technology, that will automatically:

  • Limit e-scooter speeds in slow zones
  • Prevent e-scooters from operating in no-go zones
  • Require parking in designated Lime Groves within the city’s busiest areas

E-scooter misuse should be reported directly to Lime. Contact information is posted on all Lime e-scooters. Lime will respond to reports within two hours.

Shared Micromobility

The expansion is part of the city’s Shared Micromobility Program, a partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder County, the Boulder Chamber, Lime and BCycle. The program supports Boulder’s transportation and climate goals by providing convenient, equitable and sustainable ways for community members to live, work and play around Boulder without a car.

“By providing shared e-scooters and e-bikes, our micromobility program aims to make it easier for our community to get around town, bringing the city closer to its transportation and climate goals to provide travel choices and support clean air,” said City of Boulder Transportation and Mobility Director, Natalie Stiffler. “We're excited to bring this convenient transportation option to the whole city.”

"We're thrilled to be expanding in Boulder and we're working hand in hand with the city and the university to ensure we keep up the same focus on safe riding and proper parking that has made our shared electric vehicles here a success so far,” said Lime General Manager, US Rockies Cody Noblin. “Our goal is to help the city and the university meet its climate and transportation goals by offering people a safe, affordable, and sustainable way to get around. We're proud Boulder residents, students, and visitors have enjoyed the green transit options our e-scooters offer, and we look forward to growing the program while maintaining our strong safety and parking records."

“We continue to expand our sustainable transportation offerings as part of our overall sustainability goals,” said CU Boulder Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability Chris Ewing. “Four of our Buff Buses are electric, we offer a vanpool program, BCycle is very popular with our students, and now e-scooters will be an option to get to, from and around campus.”

In the coming months, the city and its partners will also launch a campaign to raise awareness about the program. Learn more about shared e-scooters and e-bikes, including safety tips and frequently asked questions, on the city’s website.

shared e-scooter parking called a Lime Grove

An example of a Lime Grove in Boulder.