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Completion Date
April 2021
Current Phase

Project Overview

The Climate Initiatives department created Generation Solar to bring an innovative, collaborative approach to solar procurement across multiple city departments and properties. The city is paying no upfront capital investment costs for the solar and will realize savings in operating costs throughout the life of the new systems.

Fourteen city facilities are included in this project, totaling 2.1 MW of renewably generated power. This project supports the city’s efforts to bring local, renewable energy generation to the community, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generation.

The city leases the installation sites to a third-party owner, Unico Solar Investors, and purchases the solar power output generated through separate purchase agreements. This model gives community members greater access and control over a more affordable and sustainable power supply.

Funding for the projects is provided by Unico Solar Investors, which will own and develop the installations. Boulder-based Namasté Solar designed and built the solar energy projects.