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Committee members provide information regarding the quality of life and needs of older adults through lived experience within the City with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. In addition, the Committee:

  • Provides input on strategic planning;
  • Contributes to the development of programs and services; and
  • Provides outreach to the community on the services and programs provided by Older Adult Services.


Members must be city residents. Terms are up to three years. Economic, racial, gender, education and age diversity, among other characteristics, are considered in appointing committee members. Desirable areas of expertise may include gerontology, social work, wellness, social programming, health care, marketing, fundraising, and knowledge of the local community, including local aging programs and agencies. Meetings are held monthly.

Meetings and Agendas

For accessing information on previous AWAC meetings and agendas, or for information on attending a current meeting, contact Older Adult Services Manager Eden Bailey at