The City's Community Vitality Department has begun several important repair projects in our downtown garages (all but the 1500 Pearl garage) in mid-January that will last into the fall of 2023 and will, at times, have impacts from noise, dust, and some parking areas closed off. The schedule for this work will be fluid, and crews may move from garage to garage based on schedule and type of work occurring. For the weeks of March 13 - 24, 2023:

March 13 - March 24, 2023
Garage Closure Impact Noise Impact
10th and Walnut (St. Julien) Medium impacts: partial closures of parking spaces and/or changes to normal traffic patterns including entry/exit disruptions, ramp closures/rerouting, traffic shifts. Medium impacts: localized concrete chipping and drilling occurring during limited hours, waterproofing grout installation ongoing.
11th and Spruce Low impact: intermittent or no closures of parking spots and of traffic patterns in the garage. Low impact: localized removal and replacement of caulking.
14th and Walnut (RTD station) Work has not begun yet. n/a
11th and Walnut (Randolph Center) Work has not begun yet. n/a