City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) and the Boulder Public Library (BPL) invited community members to visit its “Art Inspired by the Land” art exhibition inspired by our shared open space!

Painting on OSMP
Molly Davis

The Boulder community has been committed to preserving wild lands in this area for more than 120 years and we all share a proud legacy of community-driven stewardship and conservation. The city recognizes past few years have been challenging for all – with shared open space providing an important place for community members to seek emotional and physical support.

During the recent "Art Inspired by the Land” exhibition, the city sought artwork that honored the comfort and healing that nature provides and to celebrate our community’s connection with our shared public lands. Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) invited community members to visit the city's "Art Inspired by the Land" exhibition at the Boulder Library Canyon Gallery from Friday, Aug. 5, through Sunday, Sept. 18.

As part of this community exhibition, OSMP also hosted two events:

  • An opening reception for the art exhibition.
  • A performance night – featuring musicians, song writers, poets and film makers.

Learn more about OSMP and the Arts program.