Inquire Boulder is the city’s online customer service portal used by members of the public to submit issues to the city. Issue status is tracked from the time an issue is opened through completion. The most popular topic areas data as well as the most popular type of requests data is derived from the frequency each topic is chosen by the public. The number of requests data is based on the total number of requests submitted in a given year. The percentage of requests fulfilled on-time data is based on the number of issues closed within the completion date target. The customer satisfaction data is derived from anonymous user satisfactions surveys randomly sent to customers after their request has been fulfilled.

The City of Boulder aims to respond to service requests within the target completion date set for a specific topic. The default target completion date, if not overridden, is ten days after an issue is opened. Depending on the urgency of the issue and staff resources required to address the issue, a shorter or longer target completion date may be established for any given topic.

The City of Boulder is committed to providing superior customer service and responding to issues in a timely manner. The Inquire Boulder online customer service portal is utilized by city departments in order to provide a consistent service experience to the public. The portal can be assessed 24/7 at Inquire Boulder.

The trends seen in the current data indicate that over 90% of issues are completed within the target completion date. More than 80% of customers also felt that the city employee responding to their issue provided good or superior customer service.

This data is provided by the City of Boulder's Innovation and Technology Department and is sponsored by the City Manager's Office. This page will be updated annually.

Usage and Satisfaction for Inquire Boulder Dashboard

Heatmap Dashboard: Inquire Boulder Requests by Incident Address

Use the date filter to view data starting as early as 1/1/2017; full-screen version of dashboard and map available.

Requests by Incident Address Dashboard