The City of Boulder’s Community Dashboard provides the public with data related to city programs and community indicators, organized according to the city’s Sustainability, Equity and Resilience Framework. Developed by the community, the framework provides a vision for an inspired future and aligns efforts across the city by establishing a common language for goals and priorities. We are working to enhance this dashboard using public feedback, so check back for ongoing updates.

About Us

Boulder is home to a dynamic business environment and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, students, scientists, and families.

Boulder Community Profile


A welcoming and inclusive community that fosters personal and community safety and ensures that all residents are secure and cared for during emergencies and natural disasters.

Name Goal Status
Vision Zero: Safe Streets Boulder Eliminate traffic collisions that result in serious injury and fatality Off track
Person and Property Crimes Clearance Rates Clearance rate of 68 percent or better for person crimes, 23 percent or better for property crimes Goal Met
Fire Department Emergency Response Time 6 minutes or less for 90 percent of responses Goal Not Met

Healthy and Socially Thriving

All Boulder residents enjoy high levels of physical and mental well-being and abundant recreational, cultural and educational opportunities in an environment where human rights are respected.

Name Goal Status
Library Programs and Services Maintain or increase levels of program attendance and outreach activity Goal Met
Homelessness Services Increase exits from homelessness Tracking
Young Adult Offenses in the Boulder Municipal Court Decrease substance abuse-related charges and dependence scores among young adults Tracking


High-performing, safe, well-maintained and attractive buildings and infrastructure that accommodate a diverse set of community needs for working, playing and living.

Name Goal Status
Affordable Housing for Low/Moderate and Middle Income Households 15 percent of all housing units in Boulder to be affordable for low/moderate and middle income households Goal Not Met

Environmentally Sustainable

A sustainable, thriving and equitable community that benefits from and supports clean energy; preserves and responsibly uses the earth’s resources; and cares for ecosystems.

Zero Waste DiversionDivert 85 percent of waste from landfills by 2025Off Track
Local Renewable Electricity Generation50 megawatts by 2020, 100 megawatts by 2030On Track
Community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions70% reduction by 2030Off Track
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from City Operations and Facilities80 percent reduction by 2030Off Track
Community Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory

Responsibly Governed

A local government that provides an excellent customer experience, responsibly manages the city’s assets and makes data-driven decisions informed by community engagement.

Name Goal Status
Inquire Boulder Customer Service Portal Respond to Service Requests within the target completion date Tracking

Economically Vital

All residents and businesses can access and benefit from a healthy and sustainable economy that is innovative, diverse and collaborative.

Name Metric Status
Retail Sales Tax Revenue Maintain or increase retail sales tax revenue Tracking
City of Boulder Grants to Community Organizations Maintain levels of funding to community projects and programs Tracking