This report includes information on person and property crime clearance rates by the Boulder Police Department. Person crimes include aggravated assault, homicide, robbery and sexual assault. Property crimes include burglary, larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

An offense is cleared by arrest when at least one person is arrested, charged with the commission of the offenses, and turned over to the court for prosecution. An offense is cleared by exceptional means when some element beyond law enforcement control prevents filing of formal charges against the offender. This could include death of the offender or the victim refuses to cooperate with the prosecution.

The Boulder Police Department closely monitors clearance rates. The clearance rate for person crimes should be 68 percent or better. The clearance rate for property crimes should be 23 percent or better. Comparisons are made to national standards as tracked by the FBI as well as to clearance rates of fellow benchmark city law enforcement agencies. Benchmark cities are similar-sized communities around the country.

Clearance rates are a direct reflection of efforts by police to investigate and solve crimes.

It is worth noting that the clearance rate uses the month the case was solved, not necessarily the month the crime occurred. In many instances, due to the complexity of a crime, it may take a substantial amount of time to resolve. Please also note that a new Records Management System was adopted in July 2017, resulting in changes to tracking procedures. Keep this in mind when comparing numbers in 2017. The police department is on track and meeting the clearance rate target.

This data is provided by the City of Boulder's Police Department. This page will be updated quarterly.

Person and Property Crimes Clearance Rates Dashboard