The library offers a broad range of programs and outreach activities for all ages including: story times, experiential programming for newborn to adults, a concert series, cinema program, speaker series, exhibitions program, STEAM ( Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Math) programs and maker workshops.

Maintain previous year levels of program attendance and outreach activity.

As a community gathering place, the library offers engaging programs, outreach activities, library resources, and welcoming spaces. With almost a million visits in 2016, the library is one of the busiest destinations in Boulder.

The top graph displays an average running sum of total library program attendance and outreach activity compared to the previous year. Attendance at library programs and outreach contacts is on track for the Library's goals this year. The February 2016 grand opening of the library makerspace, BLDG 61, and the Boulder Public Library's outreach efforts at Comic Con in July 2017 contributed significantly to attendance and outreach activities. The library will continue to deliver relevant, quality programs and outreach to the community.

This data is provided by the City of Boulder's Library and Arts Department. This page will be updated quarterly.

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