Council Priorities 2022-2023

These are the top 10 priorities and associated action item goals for this council term.

Key Priority Action Item
Accessory Dwelling Unit Updates Consider an ordinance to remove saturation limits for ADUs within a certain radius to allow for attached or detached ADUs wherever existing requirements are met.
Inclusionary Housing Consider an ordinance to revise existing inclusionary housing code to focus specifically on increasing middle-income units​.
Zoning for Affordable Housing Consider an ordinance to increase affordable housing by revising density calculations, reducing parking restrictions and looking at other zoning amendments that could better incentive smaller, more affordable housing.
Middle Income Housing Launch middle-income down payment assistance pilot.
Homelessness Day Center Initiation of a two-year process for planning/implementation of a day shelter with service provision and hiring of a facilitator to convene stakeholders for broader conversations around services and needs for our unsheltered community generally.
Transportation - Core Arterial Network Launch planning and implementation of Core Arterial Network (CAN) for bike, pedestrian, and bus safety and improvements on arterials and other transportation safety improvements.
Occupancy Reform Review Perform a comparative analysis from other communities, develop a model occupancy approach, and solicit community input for ordinance revisions.
Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP) (Boulder Junction Phase 2) Confirm the Transit Village Area Plan recommendations for land uses, mobility connections, and placemaking opportunities for the Phase 2 area and initiate implementation steps to enable future redevelopment.
Area III Planning Reserve Initiate urban services study for Area III-Planning Reserve.
Elections Consider a charter change to move City Council elections to even years to begin in 2026.