City of Boulder E-newsletter

The City of Boulder E-newsletter is a bimonthly roundup of city news, information and events. The award-winning newsletter provides general city news in a format that is brief, easy to scan and rich with multimedia.

Topic-specific E-newsletters

The City of Boulder offers a variety of electronic newsletters to help keep the community up-to-date on topics like open space, the library and parks and recreation. The following is a list of primary city newsletters.

Receive updates on new listings, open houses and selection dates for properties available to qualifying buyers through the city's Affordable Homeownership Program:

  • Newsletter frequency: sent out periodically, based on program activity.

Get updates on public art projects, exhibitions, cultural events, grant opportunities, programs for artists, professional development opportunities and related outreach events.

  • Newsletter frequency: once or twice a month.

Keep up-to-date with events, programs, services and more at your public library.

  • Newsletter frequency: twice a month.

Get updates on a wide variety of the city’s sustainability and clean electricity initiatives. Topics include progress on the city’s climate goals, municipalization and information on special events and programs.

  • Newsletter frequency: twice a month.

Sign up for Boulder 8 TV’s weekly news show, Inside Boulder News, to get the latest video news sent to your inbox.

  • Newsletter frequency: once a week.

A monthly newsletter that covers updates from the city's Housing and Human Services Department. Topics covered include housing, homelessness, funding and older adults.

  • Newsletter frequency: monthly.

Receive updates on programming, events and exciting opportunities for older adults.

  • Newsletter frequency: once a week.

Get updates about Open Space and Mountain Parks planning efforts and major projects.

  • Newsletter frequency: once a month, but varies based on project activity.

Receive updates on Boulder Parks and Recreation news, events and happenings for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Newsletter frequency: once every three to four weeks.

Learn about updates on major planning and development projects in the city, including news, events and public meeting information.

  • Newsletter frequency: once a week.