All employees must be fully vaccinated and submit proof of vaccination or must submit a reasonable accommodation request. This policy covers all City of Boulder employees working on-site, off-site, or performing hybrid work.

Effective Dec. 8, 2021

The City of Boulder has a responsibility to safeguard the health of employees and their families as well as the community from COVID-19. There is scientific evidence that vaccination is the best way to keep employees and the public safe by preventing transmission and reducing COVID-19 cases and deaths. The City of Boulder intends to protect its employees and the community by mandating that employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment unless a reasonable accommodation is requested and approved.

All city employees must upload proof of vaccination or apply for a medical or religious exemption no later than five days after their start date.

Medical or Religious Exemptions

Employees seeking medical or religious accommodation to vaccine requirements must submit a request for an exemption from the city’s vaccination requirement.

Medical Exemptions

Religious Exemptions

  • Religious accommodation requests will be reviewed by a small committee of leaders from the City Attorney’s Office and Human Resources using criteria as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Determinations will be made on what accommodations can be offered, based on an individual's work.
  • Questions about religious exemptions should be emailed to HR@bouldercolorado.gov with the subject line: Vaccine Exemption Request

Once a request has been submitted, every effort will be made to quickly notify employees of a determination. There is no appeal process for a religious exemption request that has been denied. Employees with denied requests will be given a new compliance deadline six weeks from the date of denial to become fully vaccinated. During this period weekly testing will be required.

The city uses a cloud-based platform to manage exemptions and vaccine verifications.

Employees granted an accommodation under either process will be required to provide PCR test results weekly. Failure to comply with the accommodation provided will result in revocation of the exemption and potential disciplinary action.