Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps

Volunteer with the Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps (CCCC). This cadre of trained volunteers was established in 1999 to assist with simple grave marker repair and conservation tasks. The group has spent thousands of hours documenting, cleaning, and resetting the markers, landscaping, providing educational outreach, and performing minor repairs.

Some of their skills and accomplishments include:

  • Proper grave marker condition assessment and documentation

  • Appropriate cleaning techniques for grave markers

  • Safe use of appropriate equipment for moving and setting grave markers

  • Proper excavation techniques for partially buried grave markers

  • Resetting unstable grave markers

  • Trimming/pruning of vegetation

  • Research on persons buried in Columbia Cemetery

  • Public education and outreach

  • Photographic documentation of the grave markers and conservation work

Grave Marker Repair and Conservation

A great deal of professional and volunteer conservation work has been performed on grave markers that are considered endangered. The markers that have received attention were selected by considering several factors, including public safety, potential for further damage, potential for theft, and historic and/or artistic significance.

Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps received first “Betty Chronic Preservation in Action Award”

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department’s Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps received the first “Betty Chronic Preservation in Action Award” during Historic Boulder, Inc.’s annual membership meeting and awards ceremony.

If you are interested in learning more about the Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps, please contact the program coordinator at