The DAB review identifies design issues and provides recommendations and advice to the applicant for their design proposal relative to the Downtown Urban Design Guidelines. The DAB review is a one-time process.

Project review is mandatory. However, compliance with design recommendations that result from the DAB review is voluntary.

Upon completion of a DAB review, staff notifies Planning & Development Services (P&DS) that the applicant has fulfilled the mandatory design review. In the case of projects requiring a site review, the DAB submits recommendations to P&DS that are incorporated in a staff memorandum for further review (including approval or denial) by P&DS staff, Planning Board and/or City Council, depending upon the nature of the application.

DAB reviews are held at 4 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month. Reviews are generally held in the Municipal Building lobby, located at 1777 Broadway. You can schedule your review by contacting Kalani Pahoa at 303-441-4248.

Application and materials are due by 4pm on the Wednesday 3 weeks before to the meeting. The application and materials should be digitally submitted to the planning case manager.