We are here to help answer your property development questions by providing interpretations of specific code requirements and by directing you to the correct process for your project.

Providing answers to conceptual design or hypothetical questions is currently not one of our core services due to the resources it would require. To explore the answer to these questions, you may find the below list of industry professionals helpful:

  • Property purchase – A realtor
  • Proposed modifications to a property – An architect or design professional
  • Legal documents or property rights – An attorney
  • Property boundaries or requests for a survey – A licensed land surveyor
  • FEMA elevation certificate - check the flood map for an elevation certificate, if one isn’t shown for your property contact a licensed land surveyor
  • Construction modification – A licensed contractor
  • Historic property records – Central Records

Property development in the City of Boulder must comply with all regulations in effect at the time of a proposed modification. The regulations include Land Use code and Building and Energy code regulations.

Please reference our website and virtual advisor for additional information.

If you have questions about specific code interpretations or application requirements, we are available to meet with you.

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