Hear from a panel of local mobility advocates

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The Accessibility Panel is July 29 (today!) at 12pm. Use this link to join the virtual meeting.

Join City of Boulder staff and local mobility advocacy representatives for a virtual lunchtime Accessibility Panel to discuss takeaways from the city's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and next steps for developing the ADA Transition Plan. Following the panel, there will be time for audience Q&A.

Panelists include:

  • Craig Towler, Community Organizer, Center for People With Disabilities (CPWD)
  • Eden Bailey, Senior Services Manager, City of Boulder Housing & Human Services
  • Jenny Godwin, City of Boulder Accessible Boulder Project Manager and Transportation Planner
  • Topher Downham, Education & Outreach Coordinator, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP)

The ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan is a project to ensure the accessibility of the city's transportation system for all mobility levels. The ADA Self-Evaluation assessed how well the city’s transportation system plus related policies/programs comply with the ADA. The plan seeks to identify barriers and opportunities for improvement. The ADA Transition Plan will prioritize, plan and draft a schedule to make identified improvements.

These efforts are part of the city's larger Accessible Boulder project.

To learn more or review the ADA Self-Evaluation Executive Summary prior to the panel, please visit bit.ly/BHB-ADA.