Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting

The BOZA typically meets on the second Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. The board will meet either in the City Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway or hold the meeting Virtually. The dates, times and locations are subject to change.

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Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA) Meeting 04/14/2022 22:00 04/14/2022 17:00 America/Denver <p class="address" translate="no"><span class="locality">Boulder</span>, <span class="administrative-area">CO</span><br> <span class="country">United States</span></p> MM/DD/YYYY CONFIRMED OPAQUE

Meeting Details

  • The next Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting will be held virtually.




    A. Docket No.: BOZ2022-00004
    Address: 720 Willowbrook Road
    Applicant: Ardith Sehulster
    Floor Area Variance for an Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit: As part of a proposal to establish an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) within the existing residence, the applicant is requesting a floor area variance to allow an approximately 1,500 square foot basement level ADU where 1,000 square feet would be allowed per the ADU size limitations. Section of the Land Use Code to be modified: Section 9-6-4, BRC 1981.

    A. Approval of Minutes: The March 10, 2022 BOZA minutes are scheduled for approval.

    B. Matters from the Board

    C. Matters from the City Attorney
    1) Discussion of Bylaws

    Matters from Planning and Development Services


Speaking at a Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting

  • Speak under public comment or observe the public hearing via video conference. The conference link is at the top of this agenda.
  • Call in to the public hearing video conference via telephone (if computer audio is not available).
  • Submit written comments in advance of the hearing to Please note that we currently CANNOT accept mail. Only email will be received at this time.
  • Any correspondence you wish the Board to review MUST be received via email at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting. Anything received after the 48 hour window has closed will not be considered.

  • The BOZA Variance Application can be found in the Applications and Forms Database.