Remembering Los Seis de Boulder

The Los Seis de Boulder Public Art Dedication honors the placement of a new piece of public artwork created by artist Jasmine Baetz. Her work commemorates the six University of Colorado Boulder students, alumni, and students from other campuses who were active in the Chicano Student Movement that were killed in two separate car bombings in 1974. The first bomb went off in Chautauqua Park on May 27. Then, on May 29, a second bomb exploded in a parking lot at 28th and Canyon. Una Jaakola, Reyes Martínez, Neva Romero, Francisco Dougherty, Heriberto Terán, and Florencio Granado tragically lost their lives.

Join us as we come together as a community to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of remembering Los Seis de Boulder with the dedication of "El Movimiento Sigue” (The Movement Continues). Spanish interpretation and light refreshments will be provided.

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