Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting

The OSBT meetings are typically held on the second and, if necessary, the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m.

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Speaking at OSBT Meetings

These meetings are open to the public to attend virtually, and you are welcome to speak to the Board about Open Space issues or any public hearing items that may be on the agenda that evening. Links to sign up for public comment ahead of time will be available under each agenda item above, by the Monday before each meeting. Please note ahead of time sign-up will close at 5 p.m. the day of the meeting, however you are still welcome to sign-up during the meeting itself. The meeting host will cover how to sign up virtually after the start of the meeting.

Meeting Details

While the Board of Trustees may meet in person, members from the public may only join virtually at this time.

Join online meeting; Or join by phone: 1-719-359-4580; Webinar ID: 815 0505 7505

(Please note that times are approximate.)

I. (6:05) Approval of the Minutes

  • Update on the rescheduling of OSBT’s “Consideration of a recommendation to Council regarding e-biking on OSMP lands”: This item has been moved to the Feb. 8, 2023 OSBT Business Meeting

II. (6:15) Public Comment for Items not Identified for Public Hearing (sign up to speak for this item)

III. (6:30) Matters from the Board

  • A. Comments/Questions from Trustees on Written Information memos or public comment

IV. (6:50) Matters from the Department

  • A. 2022 Annual Prairie Dog Management Update and 2023 Management Plans (45 minutes)
  • B. South Boulder Creek Environmental Mitigation and Floodplain Restoration (75 min)
  • C. Director Verbal Updates (10 min)

V. (9:00) Adjourn

Written Information

  • A. 4th of July Trailhead Parking Management Update
  • B. Gebhard Integrated Site Plan Implementation Status