Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting

The OSBT meetings are typically held on the second and, if necessary, the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m.

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Meeting Details

City staff is working to address security and technical details for Boards and Commissions meetings to be able to welcome back members of the public for in-person participation at a future date. While members from the Open Space Board of Trustees may meet in person, members from the public may only join virtually at this time. Join online meeting; Or join by phone: 1-719-359-4580; Webinar ID: 819 1184 3693

(Please note that times are approximate.)

I. (6:05) Approval of the Minutes

II. (6:10) Public Comment for Items not Identified for Public Hearing (sign up to speak on this item)

III. (6:25) Matters from the Board

  • A. Comments/Questions from Trustees on Written Information memos or public comment (10 min)
    B. OSBT Retreat Follow-Up: OSBT Rules of Procedure Approval (15 min)

IV. (6:50) *Public hearing and consideration of a staff recommendation to the Open Space Board of Trustees on assigning management area designations to specific Open Space and Mountain Parks properties that are without a designation (75 min) (sign up to speak on this item)

V. (8:05) Matters from the Department

  • A. Climate Action Update (50 minutes)
    B. Director Updates (5 min)
  • a. Upcoming Community Meeting on Prairie Dog Management and Restoration of Irrigated Ag Fields

VI. (9:00) Adjourn

*Public Hearing

Written Information

  • A. Gebhard Integrated Site Project
    B. Fort Chambers / Poor Farm Site Management Plan Update

Speaking at OSBT Meetings

Open Space Board of Trustees meetings are being held virtually. These meetings are still open to the public, and you are welcome to speak to the Board about Open Space issues or any public hearing items that may be on the agenda that evening. Links to sign up for public comment ahead of time will be available under each agenda item above. Please note ahead of time sign-up will close at 5 p.m. the day of the meeting, however you are still welcome to sign-up during the meeting itself.