To take bold, innovative and collaborative actions to change the systems that cause the climate crisis. We seek to build a more resilient community and a better future for everyone Boulder and beyond.


The City of Boulder declared a Climate Emergency on July 23, 2019. These targets guide the city's actions to address the climate crisis.

85% Waste Diversion from Landfills by 2025

The City of Boulder is on its way to zero waste, with a 53% diversion rate in 2020. ‚Äč

100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

More than half of the city's emissions come from electricity generated from coal and natural gas. 100% renewable electricity reduces these emissions and unlocks climate solutions like electrification of transit and electrified heating and cooling.

70% Reduction of City Organization Emissions by 2030

The City of Boulder is proud to lead the way by making its buildings more efficient and powering its services with local solar generation.

100 MW of Local Renewable Generation by 2030

Local renewable generation (mostly rooftop solar and solar gardens) is good for our climate, our air and our local economy.

Carbon Neutral by 2035

Carbon Positive by 2040

Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Working Groups