Join a Group of People Who Love What They Do!

You won't be just a number at Boulder PD. We are small enough that you’ll know all your coworkers, but big enough to have a great range of opportunities. In addition to a great benefits package, we also offer an extremely competitive starting salary! If you are looking for an exciting career with a great department, come to Boulder.

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Partnering with the Community to Provide Service and Safety

The Boulder Police Department strives to be a premier law enforcement agency and a model of excellence in policing by creating partnerships, building trust, reducing crime and improving the quality of life for our community.

We Value

  • Public Trust
  • Accountability to the Law
  • The Rights of all People
  • Courage and Selfless Honor
  • Personal and Organizational Integrity
  • Excellent Service
  • Respect for our Community and One Another
  • Our Employees and their Service to our Community
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Featured Career: Colorado Certified Lateral Police Officer

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Overall Job Objective

With integrity, professionalism, humanity and courage, protects life and property through the enforcement of laws. Works proactively, in cooperation with the community, responds to calls for service, patrols areas, and performs investigative and service functions.

Hiring Bonus

In-state POST-certified peace officers with at least two years’ experience are eligible for a $10,000 hiring bonus. The deadline for lateral applications is ongoing.

The $10K (split $5K an $5K) Lateral Bonus applies to in-state, Colorado POST certified hires who have prior law enforcement experience: Prior law enforcement experience for “Article 14 Seniority” will be defined as: a) Full time employment as a sworn, non-military law enforcement officer assigned to patrol or investigative functions with authority to make arrests, enforce, and investigate Federal or State or Local laws; and b) Statutory authority to carry a firearm for employment. (BPOA collective bargaining agreement) The Lateral Bonus does not apply to those who are POST certified, but do not have prior experience as defined above.

Officers assigned to patrol work four 10 hour shifts each week, with the same three days off for the entire calendar year. In the Fall of each year, officers bid by seniority for shifts. Our patrol section has the following schedules available:

  • Watch 1 (0600-1600)

  • Watch 2 (1400-2400)

  • Watch 3 (2100-0700)

  • Uniforms & Equipment: The Boulder Police Department provides officers with all of their duty gear except for footwear. Officers are eligible to supply their own approved firearm or use a department issued firearm.

The Boulder Police Officer's Association (BPOA), is the bargaining unit which represents all officers and sergeants at the Boulder Police Department. BPOA works the City to secure salary increase and other benefits.

The below salary schedule represents the current pay for officers with the Boulder Police Department. All new officers with no previous patrol experience begin at the "Starting" step. Lateral officers are eligible to be paid at a level above the normal starting salary. Officers move to the next salary step every (12) months until reaching Step 6. Employees are paid via direct deposit every-other Wednesday.

  • Starting Pay: $71,134
  • Step 1: $73,979
  • Step 2: $76,938
  • Step 3: $81,463
  • Step 4: $86,351
  • Step 5: $91,532
  • Step 6: $101,358

Each officer accrues vacation and sick leave at different rates, dependent on their years of employee with the Boulder Police Department.

  • Vacation Accrual Rates: For new employees, 7.77 hours accrued each pay period (202 Hours Annually). Accrual increases after 7 years of service.

  • Sick Accrual Rates: For new employees, 3.85 hours hours accrued each pay period. Accrual increased to 4.62 hours after 4 years of service.

Learn more and apply for the position on our Job Opportunities page.

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Learn About Boulder Police Department Divisions

Operations Division

Responsible for the enforcement and investigative functions of the department. The five sections in Operations are:

  • Traffic and Administration;
  • Watch I (Dayshift Patrol);
  • Watch II and III (Afternoon and Evening Patrol);
  • Investigations (Detectives); and
  • Animal Protection and Code Enforcement.

Support and Staff Services Division

Provides support to the Operations Division, maintains the internal operations of the department, and provides non‑enforcement services to the public. It is broken down into four primary sections:

  • Financial and Facility Services;
  • Property and Evidence;
  • Records Services; and
  • Communications (Dispatch).