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A Boulder Police Officer talking with a child wearing a helmet at a bike safety event

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What the Boulder Police Department Offers

Our benefits and pay are among the most competitive in Colorado.

Get information about pay, benefits, extra job assignments and more by expanding the sections below.

  • $76,000 up to $111,706.
  • Double time for 11 paid holidays
  • Vacation and sick time accrued every paycheck
  • Compensatory time off and over time
  • Workout while on duty
  • 4-day, 10-hour work schedule (always three days off in a row)
  • $10,000 lateral officer bonus
  • $1,000 foreign language bonus

  • Drone team
  • Bomb techs
  • SWAT
  • Negotiators
  • Traffic unit
  • Detectives
  • CSI
  • Peer support team
  • Motors (motorcycles) unit
  • Neighborhood impact team
  • Pearl Street Mall team
  • Drug task force (undercover)
  • Community engagement
  • Police officer training (+10% pay increase)
  • Specialized enforcement unit (undercover)
  • K9 unit
  • and more!

  • State of the art SWAT equipment
  • Indoor firearms range at Boulder PD
  • Defensive tactics room
  • Weight room / crossfit gym
  • All patrol equipment and uniforms included
  • Red dot optic for duty weapon
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