Annual Application Deadline: May 9, 2024

The City of Boulder issues a limited number of mobile vending cart (MVC) permits each year to enhance the vitality of the Pearl Street Mall national historic district. The application period typically begins in December, with permitting notifications by mid-March. Permits are valid for a one-year period, beginning April 1 and ending March 31, with options to renew for two additional one-year periods. A new permit application is required thereafter. A completed copy of this form and required attachments in pdf format should be submitted online no later than February 6, 2024, to

Application Requirements

  • Dimensioned schematic of proposed design
  • Preferred MVC location as circled on the Available MVC Permit Locations Map
  • Written statement demonstrating relevant business experience and related business activity
  • Hours of operation and inventory of product offerings, prices, and seasonality of demand
  • Statement of financial backing (such a cash holdings and assets; bank statements not required)

Approved MVC permit holders must provide the following to the permitting entity by March 31

  • When you have received your invoice for the annual payment of $2,600.00, use your City of Boulder sales tax license login ID to pay by credit/debit card/Echeck using the city payments portal. Scroll down to “Pay/General Bill Payments” at
  • Certificate of Insurance indemnifying and holding harmless the City of Boulder, its officers, employees, and agents against any and all claims arising from any occurrence occasioned by the permitted use for the duration of the permit. Minimum liability limits are $1M per occurrence or $2M in the aggregate.
  • Copy of City of Boulder use & sales tax license. City of Boulder business license may take up to 8 weeks for review and issuance, please plan accordingly:
  • Copy of cart sign (at least 1 ft x 1 ft in size) listing hours of operation, items for sale and corresponding prices
  • Boulder County Health Department Inspection Certificate (food vendors only). Food vending cart inspection and permitting will take 8-10 weeks for completion, please plan accordingly:
  • Completed inspection with the permitting entity to ensure conformance with approved plans