Boulder Fire Rescue saves woman and her dog at Kittredge Pond on Monday night

At 8:52pm the evening of Monday, Jan. 3, Boulder Fire-Rescue (BFR), with the assistance of American Medical Response of Boulder (AMR) and University of Colorado Boulder Police Department (CUPD), were dispatched to a reported ice rescue at CU Boulder. A woman had fallen through the ice with her dog, and both were unable to get out.

When BFR arrived on scene they immediately deployed a trained ice-rescuer in an ice rescue suit. Firefighters entered the ice and water and made contact with the victim approximately 25 feet from shore. Using rope and additional ice rescue shore support, first responders were able to pull both the victim and the rescuer to shore. The team then re-deployed a trained ice-rescuer onto the ice who was able to make contact with, and rescue, the dog.

Both the victim and her dog were in stable condition after rescue. The woman was transported to Boulder Community Health (BCH) for further care. The dog was transported to Boulder Humane Society for a thorough evaluation.

The victim was out of the water in less than ten minutes from dispatching BFR, thanks to the quick work of the BFR, AMR and CUPD.

BFR is reminding everyone that is never safe to go out on ice and try to rescue an animal or person that has fallen through. If the ice is not solid enough to hold a pet it is not safe for a person. BFR will respond and rescue pets that have fallen into icy waters, officials said. The City of Boulder has a fully trained water rescue team; however, all firefighters receive cross training in water and dive rescues. Many times, animals will be able to get out of the water without assistance. Calling 9-1-1 for a person or animal falling through the ice is the best way to get that loved one out of the ice as fast as possible.