The City of Boulder issued a local disaster emergency declaration on Jan. 2 as a result of significant damage to city property from hurricane-force winds on Dec. 30. A windshield survey of damage identified approximately 25 homes- primarily Boulder’s manufactured home communities with damage due to fallen trees or roof issues due to wind.

On Dec. 30, Boulder County experienced two major fires in extreme proximity to the City of Boulder, the Marshall Fire and the Middle Fork Fire. The City of Boulder itself experienced winds in excess of 100 mph, causing significant damage. The Marshall Fire driven by these winds caused damage to city owned lands and infrastructure. The potential magnitude of responding to and recovery from the impact of these winds within the City of Boulder requires this declaration of a disaster emergency in order to protect property and the public health, safety, and welfare. The declaration opens a variety of solutions for the city to respond to the disaster emergency. Local resources are being used for emergency response, including, but not limited to, emergency shelter.

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