City aims to improve education and safety awareness for people biking, scooting and rolling

Boulder is launching a fall courtesy campaign, “Share the Path,” to support building a culture of courtesy in neighborhoods as more people choose to travel with micromobility — smaller-scale travel choices like scooters, skateboards and bikes.

The city will begin posting print and digital materials this week. A media kit is available for partners. The city’s website includes public materials to share.

The campaign coincides with the citywide expansion of shared e-scooters operated by Lime and the city’s encouragement of e-bike adoption through e-bike incentives offered in summer 2023. As part of the city’s efforts to increase micromobility education and awareness, the city will continue to develop additional safety and education messaging for distribution in 2024.

Micromobility supports Boulder's transportation and climate goals by connecting gaps in transportation networks and providing more sustainable travel choices to more people. The city, in partnership with Lime and BCycle, offers a Shared Micromobility program to support convenient, equitable and sustainable ways for the community to live, work and play in Boulder.

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Learn more on the Share the Path campaign webpage.

A graphic of people riding different devices that says, "Share the path! However you roll, please consider your neighbors."